XMPP Bot to provide version/uptime/ contact information
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Python XMPP Chatbot


Do not operate this bot on foreign servers. Many servers prohibit the usage of bots on their service.


  • query xmpp server software and version XEP-0092
  • query xmpp server uptime XEP-0012
  • query xmpp server contact addresses XEP-0157
  • display information about XEP from the XSF extensions website
  • display help output
  • respond to username being mentioned



With virtualenv it is possible to run the bot inside a virtual environment without disrupting other python processes and or dependencies. This repo comes with a requirements.txt to make the install process as easy as possible.

cd to_the_path/of_the_bot/
mkdir ./venv

# create the virtual environment
virtualenv -p $(which python3) ./venv
source ./venv/bin/activate
pip3 install -r requirements.txt


Replace the dummy bot.cfg file, filled with correct credentials/ parameters.


Copy the systemd dummy file into systemd service folder. systemdctl daemon-reload and systemctl start magicbot.service to start the bot. If it is neccecary to start the bot automatically when the system boots do systemctl enable magicbot.service.

starting the bot without systemd

Got to the bots directory and run ./main.py &.