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Branches explained

  • master: always current.
  • development: new code which will hopefully end up in master.
  • nodb: this bot instance doesn't use Mongo DB so it doesn't do price checking for lotteries.
  • donation-only: this bot instance only accepts all donations and all kind of offers from bot's owner (doesn't use Mongo DB and doesn't do lotteries).
  • donation-only-without-2FA: this bot instance only accepts donations (no item loss) and doesn't use Mobile Auth (doesn't use Mongo DB and doesn't do lotteries).
  • 1to1: Heavily Customized BoT - Do not use unless you know what you're doing.

Steam Trading/CHAT BoT | Handles Trade Offers, Friends Invites and Group CHATs

The following is a list of functions that ZED provides at the moment:

  • Accept any offer from owner.
  • Accept donations from everyone (no items loss).
  • Accept Friendship Invitations from everyone.
  • Simple interaction via chat and signing friends profiles upon request.
  • Post a comment on its own profile with a "Thank You" message to donors (Donation must contain >4 Items).
  • New items check (logs to console when our inventory has new items).
  • Chat messages check (logs to console when bot receives a chat message).
  • Notifications check (logs to console if any new comment is available).
  • Lottery: Send any 1 Trading Card, Background, Emoticon or Booster Pack to the BoT and it will send you back a random Item of the same type (card for card, emote for emote etc...).
  • Group CHAT: Join the BoT to any Group CHAT manually or via config file and start using commands (WIP).

Required software

Required npm modules (dependencies)

  • axios
  • chalk
  • console-stamp
  • mongodb
  • steam-totp
  • steam-tradeoffer-manager
  • steam-user
  • steamcommunity

Run npm install inside BoT's directory to install all dependencies.


Edit "config.json"

username: bot's Steam Account Name

password: bot's Steam Account Password

sharedSecret: You might be wondering where to find the shared/identity secret and there are actually many tutorials depending on your device. [1]

identitySecret: Same as above.

ownerSteamID64: You can get all needed Steam IDs here: https://steamdb.info/calculator/

ownerSteamID3: See Above

botSteamID64: See Above

botSteamID3: See Above

ClanChatGroupID: Your Group's ID64 to have the BoT automatically join it. [2]

customGame: This is Non-Steam Game Played by the BoT - Something like "Trash BoT - Accepting Junk" or whatever you want.

lockedItems: This is an array of Items you don't want to be traded by the BoT (maybe you're using them in your profile, like a background).

familyViewPin: If your account has Family View enabled, you need to supply your PIN here.

updatePricesOnStartup: If you want the bot to update prices for all the Items in its Steam Inventory at startup, set this to true.

syncInventoryWithDbOnStartup: Update DB entries syncing them with bot's Inventory (you can also sync manually with Admin-Only "!sync" command).

openweathermapAPI: Not mandatory but "!weather" command won't work without it. If you want to get one for free, visit: "https://openweathermap.org/api".

steamAPI: Not mandatory but "!tf2" command won't work without it. You can get yours for free by visiting "https://steamcommunity.com/dev/apikey".

db "connectionString": This depends on your MongoDB Configuration - Something like this should work: "mongodb://localhost:27017/zed".

[1] Shared/Identity secrets must be extracted from your Two Factor Authenticator App, so it's always a different process depending on which device you're actually using: iPhone - Android - 3rd Party Desktop App like WinAuth etc... [2] You can check steamID of your group by navigating to its page, then adding /memberslistxml?xml=1 to the end of the link, so the link will look like this: "https://steamcommunity.com/groups/wrongditch/memberslistxml?xml=1". Then you can get steamID of your group from the result, it's in tag.

Starting the BoT

npm start



!help: You'll get a list of all public commands.


!sync: Sync DB and Inventory Items manually.

Group CHAT Commands

!help || !commands: You'll get a list of all commands.

!weather <city> <unit of measure>: Query "openweathermaps" to get weather info for chosen city in Metric or Imperial units.

!tf2 <class>: Get personal Team Fortress 2 Stats for chosen class.

!quote ...: Manages CHAT Group quotes - Read in-line command help.

!csgo: Get personal CS:GO Stats.